Big Picture - Samanta Wojtysiak

Samanta Wojtysiak

Junior PR Consultant

At Big Picture, Samanta supports the corporate communication team, working for InPost, among others. VIP management is her strong suit and she’s known for her unconventional activities, positive attitude and multidimensional view of projects.

Previously, she was associated with the Kulczyk Foundation team, where she supported the organization in its strategic activity of building a reality without restrictions.

She took her first steps in the world of PR in the publishing industry, working for the Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne publishing houses as well as the Empik School and Profi Lingua language schools.

She hones her graphics skills after hours. She loves Wes Anderson films and black tea.

Samanta engages in social causes without blinking an eye and with full commitment, which only means one thing – Samanta and Big Picture are the perfect match!