Big Picture - Klaudia Lis

Klaudia Lis

Senior Consultant

Klaudia is a PR professional by education and passion. She completed her master’s degree in Public Relations at the University of Westminster in London, along with internships including in the marketing department of the Debenhams department store and the AI PR agency, specializing in communication of designer brands. In the industry since 2012, she has experience working in PR and creative agencies, primarily in the field of communication of lifestyle, beauty and fashion brands.

Klaudia co-created and implemented PR strategies for brands such as MAC Cosmetics, Nude by Nature, Badura and Nespresso. She has also worked for Emirates Airline, Hotel Bristol and Kazar. At Big Picture, as Senior PR Manager, she coordinates the activities of the lifestyle team, and also runs projects for clients such as Glenfiddich.

Klaudia is interested in the art of the 20th century and the history of fashion. A fan of Sicilian wine, she also loves to travel and bring back vinyl records for her collection.

We love her excellent sensibilty, calm and value her most stylish presentations.