Big Picture - Irmina Dzyr-Rainka

Irmina Dzyr-Rainka

Senior Consultant

As a Senior Consultant in our Corporate PR team, Irmina is responsible for Reckitt, including brands such as Nutramigen, Durex, Nurofen and Strepsils.

She has worked in the PR industry for over ten years, supporting brands such as Provident Poland, Coca-Cola, Embassy of Italy, Winiary, Runmageddon, VAN GRAAF, Itaka travel, Servier Poland and Bristol Myers Squibb. Irmina implemented corporate PR and product PR, as well as large lifestyle and educational events, including Telekamery Tele Tygodnia.

She believes the power of communication lies in simplicity, and the key to success is building lasting, honest relationships with the environment. She is particularly proud of educational projects that involved the environment, sustainable development, health and a healthy diet.

Irmina graduated with a degree in Italian Studies from the University of Warsaw, loves travel, as well as regional and culinary traditions. She rides her bike intensely, walks quickly and roams the mountains. 

If there is freshly baked bread on the agency kitchen table, it’s likely Irmina baked it.