Public relations is our specialty.
Our view of PR is broader than piecemeal press conferences, media relations or clipping.


Who are we?

Big Picture is a team of experienced communication, public relations, public affairs and image management consultants.

Our vision sets us apart. The big picture is more than one brief or project. We see the BIG PICTURE – the entire map of communication cause and effect. At Big Picture, we focus on communication goals with business perspectives in mind.

Our expertise

Big Picture supports clients in building enduring relationships and dialogue with relevant ecosystem players. These may include media, business partners, clients, institutional/legislative actors, the public or employees, engaged through business contacts as well as traditional or social media.
We solve difficult communications problems and conflicts.
The Big Picture perspective helps clients maximize the benefits of quality PR.

Communication is not the ultimate goal. Communication is an effective tool only when used in a properly understood context. When designing strategy, Big Picture plans a suitable course for long- term business or social perspectives, not merely the here and now.

We believe PR is part of a comprehensive communication strategy.

For a thorough understanding of a client’s business, Big Picture works closely with management boards, marketing, PR, sales, legal and HR departments.
We build complex strategies with creative and strategic agencies, media houses and digital teams, as well as interfacing with consulting companies and law firms, enriching their expertise with our communication support to improve process efficiency in business projects.